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New Merchants:

BlueVend will work with you to develop a program with competitive rates that works with your business model.

Existing Merchants:

Let us give you a free rate review and see where we can save you money!

New and Existing Merchants:

Other value added services and products will make it more convenient for your customers to do business with you, adding profit to your bottom line.

The acceptance of credit cards increases sales for your business and provides convenience for your customers. Your investment in this Proven Sales Builder is small compared to the rewards.

Consumers spend upwards of 50% more when credit/debit card payments are accepted.

Each card you accept is verified:
1. It is the correct type of card you accept.
2. The card is "good," not stolen.
3. There are funds available to cover the purchase.

Additionally, you do not have to wait until the consumer pays their bill to get your money; funds are deposited directly into your bank account (less fees) within two business days.

If the customer does not pay their bill - you, the merchant, are not penalized.


Equipment: Card Reader Terminals
Bank Fees: Discount percentage rate and per transaction fee

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